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The Baladi foundation is a non-profit foundation offering compassionate ophthalmic and community care dedicated to treat people with respect to their person, time and status.

Our Philosophy

In a developing country like Egypt, the government alone cannot meet the overwhelming health needs owing to the numerous challenges it faces and so alternate health models can tackle this vital issue of avoidable blindness and debilitation by working in parallel with the existing infrastructure. We are ambitious and hopeful that, through compassionate care, we can offer a service for sight through a system that enhances the existing but insufficient services.

Our philosophy is compassionate care in each of the following:


Compassionate Care: Providing a venue that respects the patient’s dignity as well as that of accompanying family members by offering a clean, comfortable and appealing setting.
- Investing in the future: To develop skill transfer for young male and female nurses as well as ophthalmic surgeons from the South of Egypt.
- Continuity: To offer a permanent venue for diagnosis and consultation to an area of Egypt that is in dire need for this invaluable service.
- Conducting research: To provide tailor-made research programs that will answer the needs of this and similar communities at national, regional and global levels.
- Monitoring: To offer consistency, accountability, answerability, efficiency and the conformity with medical care guidelines.
- Sustainability: To be financially self-sufficient in the long–run.

Legal Status

The Baladi Foundation is registered under Egyptian law 84 (2002) concerning private societies and foundations with Registry Number: 1309.

It is governed by a Board of Trustees, who are also contributors with time and specialization to this effort. The Board of Trustees meets four times a year to manage operations, oversee resource mobilization, garner support and directly engage with the communities that we serve.

Addressing a Dire Need

The population of Egypt, the largest Arab Nation of 86 million people, is concentrated around the banks of the river Nile stretching a distance, from North to South, of around 1000 kilometers. Egypt, a hitherto centralized nation, has its resources concentrated on the larger cities; foremost of which is Cairo, the capital of 20 million inhabitants. As with all sectors of governance, the Medical sector is mostly accessible to the larger urban centers in the North of Egypt and is highly disregarded in rural areas and the South.

Approximately 4% of the population (representing 3.5 million) is affected by diseases fo the eye that may either debilitate or cause blindness.

-Only one ophthalmologist is available for every 17,000 citizens.
-Only one operation room is available for every 737,000 citizens.
-Only one free bed is available for every 40,000 citizens.

As such, the Baladi Foundation seeks to address a dire and unmet need of providing comprehensive and dignified ophthalmic care to the people of Upper Egypt.
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