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Benevolent consultants and contributors

The establishment of the The Baladi Eye hospital for Ophthalmic and Community Care is made possible by the generous contribution of many. As has been the practice for the past 10 years, the Foundation aims to periodically host visiting scholars and physicians. There is an established commitment by colleagues and benevolent supporters to offer their professional know-how and experience, be it in the form of operations and support in the operating room or through teaching and training programs.

In addition to medical specialists, contributors to this initiative include world-renowned engineers, market and development specialists as well as social development experts.

Our gratitude goes to:

Dr. Ralf Kiel – University of Neuchatel/ Switzerland
Dr. Kaweh Mansouri – University of Geneva/ Switzerland
Dr. Ali Hafez – McGill University/ Canada
Prof. Vincent Mangeat – EPFL, Switzerland
Mr. Marawan El Nagarry – Dubai, UAE
Ms. Nagwa El Abd – Geneva, Switzerland
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Jasmine E. Dally
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Tina Rajan

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